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Dim Sum Sunday is here

We are excited to announce a special offer that will take your taste buds on a delightful adventure every Sunday from 12 until 4pm. Join us for an authentic Dim Sum experience, carefully handcrafted by our talented chefs and served with love. And the best part? Enjoy a fantastic 20% discount on our delectable Dim Sum menu!

A Feast of Authentic Flavours:

Our Dim Sum menu is a showcase of the finest Chinese culinary traditions, thoughtfully curated to offer you an array of tantalising flavours. From delicate dumplings filled with savoury goodness to steamed buns that melt in your mouth, each dish embodies the essence of traditional SINO Chinese cuisine.

Handmade Daily with Love:

Dim Sum, an artful tradition of bite-sized delights, has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts worldwide, and at SINO, we take this culinary artistry to a whole new level. Our dedicated chefs pour their passion and expertise into creating each delicate morsel, ensuring every plate is a masterpiece of flavour and presentation.

We take pride in serving only the freshest and most meticulously prepared dishes. Our Dim Sum is handmade daily by our talented chefs, who infuse their creations with a generous sprinkle of passion and creativity. Each bite reflects the devotion and dedication of our team, making your dining experience truly exceptional.

As part of our Sunday Dim Sum special offer, you get an incredible 20% off on all dishes in the Dim Sum menu, except for the Dim Sum platter.

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